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FA-FXFCSPS1,SC FTTH Fast Connector for Field Installtion,SM, Simplex


FA-FXFCSPS1, FTTH Fast Connector for Optical Fiber FTTH drop cable,Field Installation, Pre-embedded & Pre-polished Type with ferrule,SC/PC, SM, Simplex


Fiberall Field Installable Fast Connector is specially designed for FTTH drop cable. It provides fast & efficient assembly, high reliable connection & termination.


Product features:

1, Field assembly and installation;

2, Need simple tools only and easy to operate.

3, Pre-embedded type is with pre-polished ferrule, there is no need to do polishing any more during installation.

4, Standard design, can match wall mounted socket very well.

5, Excellent performance, low insertion loss and high return loss.

6, Long life time: more than 10 years.

7, Short assembly time: average 3 mins only.

8, Tools may need: dust free tissue, alcohol bottle, cable stripper, fiber stripper, fiber cleaver, fiber locator & identifier ( Fiberall also supply these tools).