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FA-AD-SPMLPF,Optical Fiber Hybrid Adapter SC/PC Male To LC/PC Female Blue



Available Type:

Male to Female (same connector at both ends)

Female to Female (different connector at two ends)

Connector type: SC-SC, LC-LC, ST-ST, FC-FC, MU-MU, SC-LC, SC-FC, SC-ST, LC-FC, LC-ST, ST-FC
Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.30dB
Durability: < 0.20dB (>1000 times)
Operating Temperature: -40 to +80
Color Options: Blue, Beige, Green, Metal
Material Options: plastic or metal
Sleeve Material:

Zirconia ceramic for both SM and MM

Phosphor bronze for MM
Fiber Channel: Simplex

Polishing type: PC, UPC or APC

Flange Options: with flange or without flange

Dust cap: Plastic cover