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FA-OCFD0106,Tactical Optical Fiber Cable for Field Operation,TPU jacket,6 Cores

Model: FA-OCFD0106


Outdoor Fiber Cable;

Fiber Count: 2 Cores, 4 Cores, 6 Cores are available;

Fiber Types: G652B, G652D, G655 or G657A Single Mode Fiber, A1a or A1b Multi-mode Fiber, or other types of fiber;

With TPU tensile jacket;

With 0.9mm tight buffered cable inside



For field use;

For outside cabling installation;

For outdoor rugged environment;

For temporary cabling, also suitable for repeat cabling.

Note: TPU is a kind of Environmental thermoplastic polyurethane, it is with the below characteristics: non-toxic, antibacterial, wear and corrosion resistant, biocompatibility, zigzag & tear resistant, acid, alkali and oil resistant, aging and oxidation resistant.