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Fiber Optical Transceiver Quality Control Chart

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Quality Control Flow Of Fiber PLC Splitter


Raw Material Inspection (IQC)-Fiber Array (FA) Assembly (IPQC) - Fiber Array (FA) Polishing (IPQC)–Fiber Cutting (IPQC) –Fiber Insertion (IPQC) - End Face Polishing (IPQC)-End Face Checking (IPQC) - Finished Product (OQC) - LGX Box Assembly (IPQC)–Packing (IPQC)-Shipping checking (OQC)


Quality Control Flow Of Fiber Optic Jumper


Raw material inspection (IQC)-Cutting cable (IPQC)-Pulling parts (IPQC)-Wipping Glue (IPQC)-Polishing (IPQC)-End Checking One (IPQC)-Assembly (IPQC)-End Checking Two (IPQC)-Insertion loss and return loss test (IPQC)-Packing (IPQC)-Finished Product (OQC)-Shipping checking (OQC)


Quality Control Flow Of Optical Transceiver


Raw Material (IQC)- PC soldering (IPQC)- Module Test(IPQC)- DDM Calibration(IPQC)- Spec Calibration and Test( IPQC)- Temperature Test (IPQC)- Aging Test (IPQC)- Application Test (IPQC)- Insert SN Code(IPQC)- Finished Product and Packing (OQC)